Communities are treasures. Everyone has gifts.

Our mission is to use the arts to engage communities in recreation, play and conversation.

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Fun and invigorating learning experiences

Camp Moving Education

Camp Moving Education (CME)

6-week summer arts, sports and fitness program for ages 10–19

Identity Dances

Identity Dances

Emphasizes placement, proper classical technique, rhythm and attention to musicality.

Moving Education Teen Alliance

Moving Education Teen Alliance

META is a choreography/performance workshop where teens explore civic engagement

Modern Contemporary Dance

Modern Contemporary Dance

Learn to be flexible and the connection of both body and mind through fluid movements.

West African Dance & Drumming

West African Dance & Drumming

High energy workshop exploring traditional dances and rhythms from West Africa.

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“Our curricula and workshops are spaces for critical thinking that make use of history, human relationships and communications through the arts”

Frenchy Haynes
CEO & Founder

Supporting communities in their exploration of topics of interest

Our purpose is to support communities in their exploration of topics of interest through the arts – dance, photography, food ways, theater, sewing, music, visual arts, play and recreation and conversations.

Our Difference

Planting seeds for future civic engagement


Play, recreation, and conversation programmed in the arts

A fishing trip to St. George Island for 13 youth was an opportunity for play and recreation with a cookout provided by the sponsoring family. A charter fisherman provided instruction on the use of reel and rod and some children caught fish for the very first time.


Communities sharing gifts

Ten community residents decorated themed tables for a five-course meal served by 18 camper chefs. Youth chefs served each course and sat at each table with their dinner guests proudly sharing their contribution to preparing each course.


Discussion about what matters to people and their community

Community members turned out in mass to see the grand finale. The children were amazed that so many people came, and the adults could not believe that the youth had so much talent. One person remarked, “It (talent) was in those babies all the time. We just didn’t know!”

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Apalachicola Friends of Camp Moving Education (CME) is a free, fun, and challenging 6-week summer camp for students 10-19.

Who We work with

See who is positively impacting the world today

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Children and youth love to move. The arts offer spaces for youth to move, interact, create, laugh, play and most of all, have fun!!!

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Community Orgs

At the heart of a community are relationships. Relationships are deepened through shared interactions and experiences.

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Faith-based Orgs

Lives are lived and transformed in sacred places and the arts provide spaces to celebrate the emotions of the journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit from being involved with Moving Education as a donor or participant? 

As a participant our activities support you in achieving personal and group goals through the transformative powers of creative play, recreation, and conversation. Another benefit is accessing your own imaginaries through the arts. A donor benefits by providing the transformative power of the arts to communities that might not have access to the arts.

What is the program outline for different age groups? 

Our workshop offerings can be tailored to meet the needs and skill levels for people of diverse abilities, identities, and ages.

Is Moving Education Institute, Inc. a 501c3?

Yes! Moving Education Institute, Inc. is a 501c3 tax exempt organization. One of the primary benefits of being tax-exempt under IRC Section 501(c)3 is the ability for Moving Education to accept contributions and donations that are tax-deductible to the donor.

What does the individual gain by participating in Moving Education Institute?

Individuals learn through experiences that enable people from all backgrounds to engage in the arts. People learn about themselves in relation to their fellow participants through the arts. For some communities storytelling is a way to learn the histories of people and place that were not deemed important enough for their stories to be memorialized.

Does the program have multiple parts and is participant progress acknowledged and recognized as the participant moves through the program? 

Our programs are co-designed with the participants, created with the participants, and we schedule rehearsals to actualize the vision. During these processes participants share their creative imaginaries with each other, and their work is showcased through performances and celebrations in the presence of their communities where they are acknowledged for their hard work by their communities and an MEI Certificate of Participation.

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