Our mission is to use the arts to engage communities in recreation, play and conversation

Our Purpose

Supporting communities in their exploration of topics of interest

Our purpose is to support communities in their exploration of topics of interest through the arts – dance, photography, food ways, theater, sewing, music, visual arts, play and recreation and conversations. This purpose is achieved in part through workshops utilizing movement, meditation and yoga to enhance interactive skills grounded in curiosity and support. Our curriculums and workshops center critical thinking using history, and community where participants connect with a personal sense of agency.

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Uniqueness created through lived experiences

Human beings are unique due to their lived experiences. They are active participants in their own education, and they make meaning of their lives and the environments in which they live. As such, they are entitled to a stimulating educational environment that challenges them to grow physically and mentally,while at the same time developing socio-emotional dexterity to engage with people.