Moving Education Teen Alliance (META)

META is a choreography/performance workshop where teens explore civic engagement.

Moving Education teen alliance

Preparing teens for civic engagement

Moving Education teen activism

META plants the seeds for becoming advocates for themselves and their communities. This workshop will engage teens in an inquiry into topics of their own choice around issues that resonate with them and appear in the spaces in which they live and navigate. The workshops will be a space of critical thinking that will use history, community, and self to instill within teens a sense of agency to positively impact the challenges in their lives and in their communities.

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What our clients say

“Moving Education Institute’s Summer Arts, Sports and Fitness Program (CME) was a tremendous success!”

Moving Education gave Apalachicola’s pre-teens and teens an opportunity to experience a wide variety of cultural activities- culinary arts, dance, photography, gardening, and dance- that they rarely seen in a rural community. Thank you to everyone involved for bring this extraordinary gift to our community!

Commissioner Anita Grove
Commissioner Anita Grove
Apalachicola, FL

“You’ve made me a happy mom, a proud family and strengthened the community.”

The Moving Education program provided my three children, and many others in Apalachicola, with the opportunity to do things they enjoy and love. They even discovered art forms they never knew they were passionate about. Your program has made a difference and helped families tremendously by providing positive activities for the youth. They have made our family so proud!

T. Bell
Apalachicola Parent

You can make a difference right now. Your support means everything.