Turning Teaching into Activism

Moving Education’s curricula are devised to engage participants in a fun and invigorating learning experience. We achieve outstanding outcomes for participants who are often dismissed as being unable to achieve high standards.


Dance Techniques

classical ballet

Classical Ballet

This class will emphasize placement, proper classical technique, rhythm and attention to musicality through focusing on barre work, center exercises and movement combinations. Students will be taught how to improve their instrument through proper barre placement.

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modern contemporary dance

Modern Contemporary Dance

This workshop combines modern dance elements, classical ballet, jazz and hip/hop, African dance techniques, and release work. It is about learning to be flexible and the connection of both body and mind through fluid movements.

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West African dance

West African Dance

This high energy workshop explores traditional dances from West Africa. Each week one or two new dances are explored. The start of a class builds on traditional West African dance techniques, followed by practice across the floor, and culminating in a final phrase.

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West African drumming

West African Drumming

Play traditional West African rhythms on hand drums. These introductory lessons are fun and concentrated. Learn basic rhythms and playing techniques to produce the correct sounds. Participants will learn to play dundun drums as well as djembe drums.

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kids doing yoga
MovingEd Yoga

Practice basic to advanced yoga asanas/postures

Through MovingEd Yoga, participants are taken through a guided “mindfulness” practice. Our inclusive terminology and coordinated movements encourage focus, emotional intelligence, and cooperation for learning.

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Improve learning
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Decrease anxiety
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Increase cognitive function
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Increase energy
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Improve sleep
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Better self-care
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Camp Moving Education (CME)

6-week summer arts, sports and fitness program for ages 10–19

CampMoving Education is a vital component of Moving Education Institute’s vision to use the arts to engage children, youth and teens in the discovery and exploration of artistic self-expression and creativity.  

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Critical Thinking
Come Out performance
people in U.S. have HIV.
13% of them don't know it.
Come Out

Educating kids and adolescents on HIV/AIDS

Come Out is aligned with the NYC Dept. of Education’s Office of School Wellness Program HIV/AIDS curriculum which provides age and developmentally appropriate lessons to help children and adolescents understand the nature of HIV/AIDS.

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Moving Education Teen ALLIANCE (META)

Preparing teens for civic engagement

META is a choreography/performance workshop that prepares teens for civic engagement and active resistance to social injustices and inequities planting the seeds for becoming advocates for themselves and their communities.

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Teen protest
community discussion

Interactive spaces for communities to engage

Interactive Informances are an important way for community residents and community-based organizations to engage with the paradoxes of identity, and to explore practices of empathy in real time with people who may agree or disagree with their viewpoints.

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Identity Dances

An autobiographical inquiry/self-study

Identity Dances uses creative writing to examine origin, birthplace, neighborhood, and the world. Students will be guided through a process of writing and refining your autobiographical statements, including movement studies, yoga and mindfulness.

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Who I am?
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Where do I come from?
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Who am I becoming?
Yes, there's more!

Ask about our Culinary, Visual Art, Baking, Sewing, Gardening and Photography workshops.

Apalachicola Friends of Camp Moving Education (CME) is a free, fun, and challenging 6-week summer camp for students 10-19.