Apalachicola Friends of Camp Moving Education (CME)

Moving Education camp

CME provides a free, fun, and challenging 6-week summer camp for students 10-19.

Students learn cooking and baking, sewing, dancing, music, art, photography, tennis, track, reading enhancement, gardening, yoga, mindfulness – critical life skills through the myriad of arts.

Summer camp includes both boys and girls of all shades of color and all shades of wealth and all shades of religious affiliations who are exposed to new activities, new ways of thinking and new ways of making friends. CME is clearly an effort to bring together understanding and harmony and community unification among the younger groups that compose the future fabric of Apalachicola.

In the News:
Innovative Summer Program Planned for Apalach Teens
Superb Meal Yields Lesson in Teamwork
Summer Camp Closes with Dance and Drum

kids having fun at camp
Apalachicola camp flyer

Funding is primarily from CareerSource Gulf Coast, but it is not nearly enough.

Your contribution as a volunteer and a financial supporter is critical to the success and expansion of this significant program.

For another perspective, please read the three attachments (articles in the Apalachicola Times) that further explain the value and success of Camp Moving Education. We sincerely appreciate your support in making a positive difference in the greater Apalachicola and Franklin County Communities.

Contact Info:
Kate Clarke (502) 583-3034
Jeffrey Points (502) 558-1614
Co-Chairs of Apalachicola Friends of CME

What our clients say

“Moving Education Institute’s Summer Arts, Sports and Fitness Program (CME) was a tremendous success!”

Moving Education gave Apalachicola’s pre-teens and teens an opportunity to experience a wide variety of cultural activities- culinary arts, dance, photography, gardening, and dance- that they rarely seen in a rural community. Thank you to everyone involved for bring this extraordinary gift to our community!

Commissioner Anita Grove
Commissioner Anita Grove
Apalachicola, FL

“You’ve made me a happy mom, a proud family and strengthened the community.”

The Moving Education program provided my three children, and many others in Apalachicola, with the opportunity to do things they enjoy and love. They even discovered art forms they never knew they were passionate about. Your program has made a difference and helped families tremendously by providing positive activities for the youth. They have made our family so proud!

T. Bell
Apalachicola Parent

You can make a difference right now. Your support means everything.