Camp Moving Education (CME)

CME uses the arts to engage children, youth and teens in the discovery and exploration of artistic self-expression and creativity.  

Moving Education teens painting

A fun-filled, 6-week summer arts, sports & fitness program for youth 10-19

Moving Education teens fishing

At CME, youth develop their self-confidence in an atmosphere of warmth, respect, and trust. Campers choose to take classes in dance (modern/contemporary, hip-hop, jazz and ballet) visual arts, culinary arts, photography, music, gardening, yoga, meditation, sewing, sports, and performance. Campers go on field trips and participate in workshops to build leadership and communication skills and critical thinking skills.

An important aspect of the program’s success is in employing Artists-in-Residence and Athletes-in-Residence who are accomplished professionals in their fields. Campers get to learn from these artists and athletes as well as create and work alongside them. It’s an invaluable opportunity for all to explore their creativity, learn to use their bodies while strengthening their respect for themselves and others. 

The responsibilities required of the participants provide opportunities that teach all involved the qualities of professionalism; good work, team effort,dependability, self-motivation, and the importance of developing communication skills. 

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What our clients say

“Moving Education Institute’s Summer Arts, Sports and Fitness Program (CME) was a tremendous success!”

Moving Education gave Apalachicola’s pre-teens and teens an opportunity to experience a wide variety of cultural activities- culinary arts, dance, photography, gardening, and dance- that they rarely seen in a rural community. Thank you to everyone involved for bring this extraordinary gift to our community!

Commissioner Anita Grove
Commissioner Anita Grove
Apalachicola, FL

“You’ve made me a happy mom, a proud family and strengthened the community.”

The Moving Education program provided my three children, and many others in Apalachicola, with the opportunity to do things they enjoy and love. They even discovered art forms they never knew they were passionate about. Your program has made a difference and helped families tremendously by providing positive activities for the youth. They have made our family so proud!

T. Bell
Apalachicola Parent

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