MovingEd Yoga

MovingEd Yoga guides participants through a curated “mindfulness” practice. Our inclusive terminology and coordinated movements encourage focus, emotional intelligence, and cooperation for learning.

Moving Education MovingEd workshop

Practice basic to advanced yoga asanas/postures

Moving Education MovingEd workshop

Research shows that yoga and mindfulness methods improve learning, decreases anxiety, and increases cognitive performance. Our methods address the comprehensive health of students and enhance physical, mental, emotional, and social balance. The aim is to reduce stress response and encourage gentle attitudes that promote perseverance and collaboration.

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What our clients say

“Moving Education Institute’s Summer Arts, Sports and Fitness Program (CME) was a tremendous success!”

Moving Education gave Apalachicola’s pre-teens and teens an opportunity to experience a wide variety of cultural activities- culinary arts, dance, photography, gardening, and dance- that they rarely seen in a rural community. Thank you to everyone involved for bring this extraordinary gift to our community!

Commissioner Anita Grove
Commissioner Anita Grove
Apalachicola, FL

“You’ve made me a happy mom, a proud family and strengthened the community.”

The Moving Education program provided my three children, and many others in Apalachicola, with the opportunity to do things they enjoy and love. They even discovered art forms they never knew they were passionate about. Your program has made a difference and helped families tremendously by providing positive activities for the youth. They have made our family so proud!

T. Bell
Apalachicola Parent

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