Willie Tolliver

Director of Research & Development

Willie Tolliver is Director of Research & Development at Moving Education, Inc.


Willie Tolliver

Tolliver comes to these roles with thirty years teaching experience at the City University of New York social work graduate program where he taught and supervised teaching/learning labs and research at the master’s and doctoral levels. His work focuses on identifying and interrupting coloniality in systems delivering instructional services, social services, and social work practice across the United States and Canada. He has forty-seven years of direct practice experience in child welfare, social services, liberation-based theory development and practices, political campaign management and organizing, organization and leadership development, and social justice movement building.

Willie earned the BA from Florida A&M University, an MS from the Columbia University School of Social Work, and the Doctorate in Social Welfare from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

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Willie Tolliver

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